• Gym Instructor – 4 weekends in autumn 2014

    Gym Instructor / Gavin Soady

    4 weekends in autumn 2014 

    The Liffey Trust Centre
    North Wall
    Dublin 1
    Dublin, Ireland

    About the participants: Who can attend?

    Basically anyone. You do not have to have completed a fitness course.


    This course is the perfect start for your coaching career. It is comprehensive basic introduction to the field of gym instruction. Theoretical and practical knowledge are in perfect harmony. Through this educational system, theory is put into immediate practice. So, despite the abundance of information, we never lose the joy of learning and having fun. In addition, we are consolidating what you have learned through specific practical exercises and suggestions for practical teaching.

    For this reason small groups are formed, which allows a high degree of individual support, correction and suggestion. We provide the best possible care especially in the practical exercises, which can detect even the smallest imperfections of individual participants and are immediately eliminated or improved.

    Once you have passed a gym instructor test you are capable of working with a different individuals on the gym floor as well as designing a simple workout routines for various different goals.


    Further theoretical knowledge, which are mediated through the Gym Instructor course:
    – Anatomy of the bones and muscles
    – Physiology of heart and lung system
    – Training on the gym floor
    – Designing effective programs for different needs
    – Motivation and leadership of the participants.

    We put this theory immediately into practice. Our main goal here is to enable you to reach self-confidence and lead competently. For this reason, we place our focus in practice on:

    – Working with an individual on a face to face basis
    – Designing different programs for different needs and putting them in practise
    – Working with equipment and safe use
    – Working with machines and safe use
    – The strengthening and stretching
    – Pedagogy and didactics
    – Animation and enthusiasm for you as a teacher


    The test consists of:
    – A written theoretical part (questions, answers to the multiple choice system)
    – An oral theory part (questions about the script)
    – And a practical exam on the gym floor (to a given topic, which can be allocated in the last training block and as homework to prepare for examination).

    Each participant who passes the exam of Gym Instructor course shall be titled as

    “Euroeducation Gym Instructor”.


    We are waiting for you ¡!!! Come and be part of our tribe!!!


    For More Information Contact

    Erle Liivak