• Dublin Euro Fitnessmania 28th of September 2013

    Dublin Euro Fitnessmania 28th of September 2013

    Yet again we are organising a full day event for anybody who is interested in exercise, dance and fun. If you are an instructor and you are looking to get more ideas, choreography methods or music, this is just the place for you. If you are someone, who is taking part of various fitness classes in the gym and want to just move, this is the place for you!

    Date: 28th of September


    Donnycarney Community Centre
    Collins Avenue East
    Dublin 5


    Erle Liivak, Daniele Pietrini, Robert Cielecki, Iwona Nowak-Lakoma

    Who is Erle Liivak?

    Erle is a Fitness Professional who has worked as an International Presenter, Instructor, Educator and a Lecturer for more then 10 years in Europe (Estonia, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey) as well as in South America (Argentina). In 2008 Erle was selected as one of the lucky finalists of Euroconvention Barcelona Newcomer Presenter competition. She finally reached her dream to become an entertainer in a fitness field winning one of the most prestigious fitness events– Euroconvention St Tropez Newcomer Presenter competition in 2009. Erle’s passion lies in Step, Dance, Aerodance, Reggaeton and Pilates.

    Who is Daniele Pietrini?

    Daniele is an Italian born International Presenter, who has worked all over Europe as well as in South America and who’s classes make you feel like “nothing is impossible”. With his latin charm Daniele manages to lead his class with effortless moves and flowing ways and ends up with an amazing result on the dance floor. This time you can follow not only his step and dance, but also join in with him as he dances along with rest of the instructors in Welcome Dance.

    Who is Robert Cielecki?

    Originally from Poland, Robert has made Ireland his second home for a numerous years and is currently taking an international fitness field by storm. Robert has already established himself as one of the educators for Euroeducation Ireland and is now showing his talent all over Europe. He has taken part of Euroeducation Newcomer competition in Barcelona as well as in St Tropez and has demonstrated his tremendous talent improving day by day. This time Robert will take your through an intense Aerobox class, which focuses on punches, jabs, kicks and more and  will also make you move those hips of yours in our team effort.

    Who is Iwona Nowak-Lakoma?

    Iwona is a Polish born Fitness Professional working in Ireland for some while now and is not only one of the educators for Profi Fitness School, but also is starting to present her work in Poland. A new talent and a new face running up on her career path with the speed of light. Her step will leave you electrified. Do not miss her in Welcome Dance!


    • 9.00     Welcome Dance – Erle, Daniele, Robert & Iwona
    • 10.00   Aerobox – Robert
    • 11.00    Step Italy – Daniele
    • 12.00   LUNCH
    • 13.00   Reggae – Erle
    • 14.00   Step – Iwona
    • 15.00   Glam Dance – Erle & Daniele

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    On the day €60


    Erle Liivak

    Malin Manning