• Euroconvention BOUTIQUE Dublin 2014

    Euroconvention BOUTIQUE Dublin 2014

    The time for our most anticipated fitness event of the year is about to arrive. Anyone mad enough about fitness and group classes, please take your time to look through our event schedule and make necessary arrangements to be there! Cast is exeptional presenting fitness professionals from Argentina, Italy, Poland and Estonia. Get ideas and new choreography methods for your classes, blow your mind with an exceptional music and just have fun while exercising with us!

    Date: 9th of March


    Ben Dunne Gym Carlisle
    52-54 Kimmage Road West
    Dublin 12


    Erle Liivak, Claudio Melamed, Fabio Ponzio, Iwona Nowak-Lakoma

    Who is Erle Liivak?

    As a Head of Euroeducation and Euroconvention Ireland, Erle has been organising and delivering workshops, courses and events for several years by now. Working as an International Presenter in Europe, Asia and South America, her classes most certainly are creative, challenging and fun. Erle is a winner of one of the most prestigious fitness events – Euroconvention St Tropez Newcomer Presenter competition in 2009 and her passion lies in Step, Dance and Reggaeton.

    Who is Claudio Melamed?

    Claudio has been working as an International Presenter more than 20 years and is known for his charisma and fun when delivering his classes. His amazing CV presents countless conventions in Europe, America and Asia as well as being a Nike Athlete. Best description for this argentinian born fitness star would be that he likes to teach with LOVE!

    Who is Fabio Ponzio?

    Italian origin Fabio is a rising star in a fitness world working as an International Presenter and Nike Ambassador as well as being a creator and a trainer for many functional training programs. Euroeducation qualified and a winner of Euroconvention Newcomer Barcelona 2013, this young and talented individual is someone to look out for.

    Who is Iwona Nowak-Lakoma?

    Polish born Iwona, also representing Profi Fitness School in Ireland, has been working in the fitness industry for relatively short time frame yet succeeding with her career with an enormous speed and entering Euroconvention for several times now. This fitness fanatic is definately someone, who’s class you want to take. Great personality and charisma combined!


    • 9.00     Good Morning Dance – Claudio
    • 10.00   Step – Fabio & Iwona
    • 11.00    Reggaeton – Erle
    • 12.00   LUNCH
    • 13.00   Aero Italy – Fabio
    • 14.00   GlamDance – Erle
    • 15.00   Step Argentina – Claudio





    Erle Liivak

    Malin Manning

  • Posted by Carol Keegan on February 25, 2014 at 4:35 pm

    Hi Erle, just wondering if you could put my name down for the convention on 9 th march.

    Regards Carol.

    • Posted by Erle Liivak on February 25, 2014 at 4:41 pm
      in reply to Carol Keegan

      Hi Carol, You are signed up. Contact me in Facebook for details. Love E


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