• Aerobox – 12th-13th April 2014

    Aerobox/ Robert Cielecki

    12th-13th April 2014

    The Liffey Trust Centre
    North Wall
    Dublin 1
    Dublin, Ireland

    This 2 day course is designed to develop Aerobox class teaching skills, methods and ways for teaching the sequence of punches and kicks, resolve the most common problems, explain how to teach a choreography class, gain knowledge in Aerobox technique, know and perform correct body position, design Aerobox class to improve cardiovascular condition of health.

    Course will cover the following

    Aerobox General Information
    New Technique of Warm-Up
    The Technique of the Individual Components, Punches, Kicks, and Their Names
    The Rules for Creating Choreography
    Beginner to Advanced Techniques
    Introduction to Safety Techniques and Procedures in Class to Avoid Injury
    Working with Music

    Secure your place today. Limited number of participants only.


    For More Information Contact

    Erle Liivak

  • Posted by NICK on October 23, 2015 at 12:27 am

    I am very keen to organize a course aerobox in Kelantan, Malaysia. Whether the host has a branch in Malaysia? Tq


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