EUROEDUCATION, EUROPEAN FITNESS SCHOOL is a Fitness School for those that are or want to be professionals of the Fitness and Dance sector.

For more than 10 years in over 10 countries in Europe, EUROPEAN FITNESS SCHOOL has being offering a complete and extensive Programme of Courses oriented to the areas of Fitness and Dance; and has formed, as a consequence of its monitoring, better instructors and professionals of the sector.

EUROEDUCATION, since its foundation, is a symbol of excellence and leader in the evolution of the Fitness and Dance sectors. As a consequence, it is recognized in every European country as a master school of education and is responsible for producing 100’s of International Presenters since its creation.

The Creator of EUROEDUCATION is Guillermo Gonzales Vega, International Presenter in more than 25 countries of the world. Guillermo designed the European Educational Program with the purpose of providing extensive educational courses to a level that is not available anywhere else in the world!