• 2nd level – autumn 2014

    PT for Symmetric & Asymmetric Choreographies / Guillermo Gonzalez Vega

    Autumn 2014

    The Liffey Trust Centre
    North Wall
    Dublin 1
    Dublin, Ireland

    This education is strictly individual, working personally with each participant. It is called “Personal Training” beacause it will help you to improve your weaknesses, also to know your qualities and to develop them, finding a concrete road to increase efficiency on your professional level. Almost all the International Presenters recognized have done this course. It is challenging course for 4 days and it is limited 4 to 8 people, all with a minimum of 1 year of work experience.

    Course will cover the following

    Aeroclassic’s class structure
    Steps Used
    Family of Movement
    Construction Methods
    Secrets for a Good Masterclass
    Correct Way of Teaching

    Secure your place today. For first 6 people to register Euroeducation Europe offers a discount.


    For More Information Contact

    Erle Liivak

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